Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time for Ten Best / Worst Legislators

As a public service, Arkansas Watch has a tradition of releasing a post-session list of the "Ten Best" and "Ten Worst" state legislators in Arkansas.     We should have at least one of these articles ready for your evaluation by Monday, May 13th.  

The selections were made by a panel of five activists.  Since these individuals often work with the legislature, their identities will remain confidential.   I am the only one who knows who all five of these people are.    There is one from each congressional district in the state, plus me.   I feel that this makes it a more valid poll than some of these other "Best/Worst" lists that are done by a single individual or by people who all work together at the same place.  The main thing that sets it apart though, is the quality and outlook of the judges (except for me, they have to take me because I am running the poll!)   These are people who believe in freedom.  They are people who believe that government should be much more limited than it is, and where government power is necessary to maintain order then its power should be dispersed rather than centralized.

Participants were asked to rank the "Ten Best" and the "Ten Worst" choices, with one little twist I will save for later.   Their top "Best" pick got 10 points, with their next best pick getting nine points and so on until their last "Best" pick got one point.  The "Worst" list was constructed much the same way, but the numbers were negative numbers.    At the end, I total all the rankings and the ten highest scores are the "Best" and the ten lowest are the "Worst".

Please see this link for last sessions "Ten Best Legislators List" (which also contains a link to the "Ten Worst Legislators").   I hope you will check out the results from this session, which will be available in a couple of days.


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