Saturday, June 28, 2014

Establishment Media Rushes to Defense of Judicial Overlord Piazza

On paper, Chris Piazza is a circuit judge, one of the lower members of the black-robed class.   In his mind, he is our Supreme Judicial Overlord, as evidenced  by his ruling that the Arkansas Constitution violates the Arkansas Constitution when he threw out an amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the state of Arkansas.  Naturally, the only state-wide newspaper has leapt to give Piazza cover for his obscene ruling, because the Arkansas Democrat Gazette has consistently led the people of this state astray.  That's why we are behind when we should be among the most prosperous states in the union.

The establishment media of this state, led by the Democrat-Gazette and in this case abetted by the Arkansas Times, must be responsible for poor condition of our state.   We have a good climate, are in a central location with a prime navigable river, abundant natural resources, and a hard working population.  Yet we are consistently behind.   

Whenever a unit of anything underperforms over a long period of time, it is always the fault of whoever is in charge.   In this case, it is the ruling class of the state, with aforementioned newspapers being their mouthpiece.   If you want to know why Arkansas has under performed, look to its leadership.  That's the reason.   The responsibility must lie with those who have been running it.   If the people bear any blame, it is only that they gave into herd thinking for to long and kept following the same folks even as they were being looted.

I note from the coverage of this matter "Judge" Piazza denied the "successful" attorney's their claim for attorney's fees in the case.  Makes sense to me, because Piazza knew in advance how he was going to rule regardless of the evidence, or even the specific issues before his court. He should award himself those fees, not the attorneys- he did all the work and he would have ruled the same way if the attorneys had been replaced by potted plants.

I note with anger, amusement, and disgust that the Arkansas Times engages in their usual dishonesty when trying to defend Piazza's bench-legislation.  I have a link to his ruling in this article where I go over the five most insane things his lordship Piazza actually wrote in that ruling.  The ArkTimes tries to use a federal case to provide cover for their claim that it is OK for a state judge to use the state constitution to find the state constitution unconstitutional.   The claim is ridiculous.

It is a very different thing for a federal judge to rule that a state constitution provision violates the federal constitution than it is for a state judge to rule that the state constitution violates itself!   Piazza barely mentioned the federal constitution in his ruling.  He almost totally used the state constitution to roll into an opium-laced joint which he apparently smoked to come up with the conclusion that the document violated itself, and that he in his wisdom could correct such a conflict by utterly tossing aside the part most recently passed. 


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