Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why I Just Helped George Pritchett Raise $500 for His State Senate Campaign

I just helped former Garland County Justice of the Peace George Pritchett raise $500 for his race for State Senate District 14 against establishment-crony Republican Bill Sample of Hot Springs.  Some may recall that this month I reported that I also gave $500 to Marc Rosson for State Representative in his race for the seat presently held by Nate Bell of Mena.  As for any other candidates who smell my monetary blood in the water since I have now donated to two candidates- don't bother. My wife says I can stop donating money to people running for public office now, and I am going to take her hint.

It is not just that Bill Sample was rated by our panel of activists as one of the worst legislators in Arkansas.  Pritchett is a good candidate, and there is every reason to believe he will continue to be a good legislator in office.  You see Pritchett is running as an Independent.  He is not plugged into a party machine that is powered from Washington D.C. with special interest money from global (not even strictly American) corporations.   He does not have divided interests.  If elected, he will owe only the people of his district, not a party label or a party machine.  He will represent only the people of his district, not a party.

I have long held this up as a better model for governing than the two party model.  I think almost all legislative offices ought to be filled by independents backed by local citizens groups.   If you think about it, the system of checks and balances put in place by the Founders gets short-circuited when the same party controls candidates from both the executive branch and the legislative branch.  Nor can the states balance the feds when the same DC parties provide the politicians for both state and federal offices.  Ultimately they are in the same club.   No wonder American government is in the state that it is in!

I believe it is important that independents start winning elected office, particularly in the legislature.  It is important structurally for our government.   Pritchett is a trade up from Sample, in terms of limited government, and avoiding cronyism.   This race is important.  I and my friends at Neighbors of Arkansas would like you to help if you can.


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