Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Is This What Our Children's Money Is Supposed to Save?

During the debate over the so-called "Private" Option version of Obamacare advocates for expansion said that rural hospitals in the state would close down without the potential massive infusion of taxpayer dollars that the program provided.   Since the feds were not paying for their spending at the time, all of these news dollars would have to come from additional borrowing.

I find it grossly immoral and cowardly for politicians to buy themselves support by suggesting we borrow money against the credit of the next generation.   The just born and the unborn have no vote with which to defend themselves from plundering from despicable political predators who, like genuine amoral psychopaths, have the chilling ability to pass off stealing from children as some kind of moral duty with a deep synthetic earnestness.

I am displeased that rural hospitals might have to shut down, but the answer to that is for our government to reverse the deliberate policies which have led to subsidizing large cities at the expense of rural areas.This is preferable to laying increasing debt loads on our children forever in order to shield hospital administrators from having to adjust to painful market realities.

Not that it is even working.  The hospital in Crittenden County for example still had to shut down.   Not even the infusion of borrowed money which came from implementing Obamacare via the "Private" Option was able to shield them from market realities and their own incompetence.   So now my children are to be hitched to the government debt grist mill not to save certain rural hospitals, but in a failed effort to save them which nevertheless does not stop the program which was purportedly enacted to save them.

But it gets worse.  It turns out that the administrators who were running the hospital were committing insurance fraud against their own employees.   They were "self-insured" and collected premiums all year, but never paid any claims.   The employees thought they were covered, they were told they were covered, but the hospital was keeping their premiums and not paying any claims.   Nor does it appear now that they will pay them- the employees may be on the hook even though they paid their premiums.

I am not surprised to discover that some hospital administrators who supported the "Private" Option are thieves, because they were thieves beforehand.  They were thieves from the moment they decided to push for the government to start an expensive new program which would be paid for by debt laid on the backs of the next generation.  

Nor am I surprised by the disconnect from reality displayed by these hospital administrators who thought they could keep the illusion of solvency going with such seedy tactics.  Essentially every politician who wants to expand government when we are so unable to pay for the government we have is acting in a way that is just as disconnected from reality.   So are the voters who are backing them.   They don't want to face the reality that you can't just keep ordering up more government goodies and programs on the national credit card.  It's unsustainable and those who support such measures are out of touch with reality, just like the administrators of the Crittenden County Hospital.

Those of us who believe government should live within its means and not steal from children are often called insulting names by those who want a cut of the loot which government is stealing from those children.  Names like "nut", "extremist", "whack job", "crazy" and what have you all tend to imply that our position is just not realistic or rational.   The implication is that we are somehow "out of touch with reality."  The truth is exactly the reverse.   It is our opponents who aggressively and short-sightedly demand unsustainable government looting that are truly out of touch with reality.  That applies to both fiscal reality and moral reality.

The only calculus by which those of us who believe we should live within our means is "out of touch with reality" is that of the politics of Hell.   By that reckoning, if children's credit is there for the looting, why then, start looting before some other parasite gets there first.   By this hellish reasoning, we are "fools" to refrain from looting while loot is available and "crazy" to put our sense of justice above our immediate appetites and felt needs.  The wisdom in our foolishness is that the fruit of the calculus of Hell is a society very much more hellish.  A society where all seek to loot, and where none bother to produce since what is produced is looted.  A society where every belly is therefore empty despite an intense focus on immediate appetites.

The so-called "Private" Option was always immoral.  It was always irrational by any calculus other than that of Hell,  It was always seedy even.  And sometimes, with events like those which are now occurring in Crittenden County, the truth of that is exposed to open daylight.


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