Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Data From Bird Genomes Disfavor Macro Evolution but We Can't Go There

Absurd. Here the data clearly points to Intelligent Design over evolution, but when Naturalism poses as Science then the most unlikely naturalistic explanation must be accepted over the most obvious super-natural one. Here is what was found: "the Uppsala researchers have found that, for instance, a cuckoo can be more closely related to a hummingbird than a pigeon in a certain part of its genome, while the opposite holds true in another part. The study found numerous examples to corroborate the existence of the phenomenon."

C'mon. That finding would be no surprise if you believe an Intelligent Designer created the various families of birds and cut and pasted code across genetic boundaries. For macro-evolution, its a problem that requires we throw out Occam's razor and come up with an unverifiable evolutionary "just so" story.

Here is a link to the Science Daily article.


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