Saturday, August 22, 2015

Octopus Genome Reveals Surprises for Macro Evolution

Just one of many news stories about the sequencing of the Octopus Genome. It turns out that even though their nervous system is totally unlike ours they are the only known invertebrates to have hundreds of genes otherwise only found in vertebrates such as humans. This poses a dilemma for macro-evolution (and proponents will concoct a just-so story to "resolve" it). Did the hundreds or thousands of genes exist in the common ancestor of vertebrates and invertebrates? If so, why did such a primitive creature need the genes later used in advanced organisms and why did every other invertebrate lose such genes?  The other possibility, almost too improbable to mention, is that by chance the exact same genes that showed up in vertebrates also evolved in octopi.

This is hardly the only example of large numbers of genes showing up in one primitive species and advanced animals and nothing in between.


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