Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bald Knob Police Chief Loses Truck to Arson

When government officials don't follow the rule of law, they lose legitimacy. The Bald Knob Police Chief is infamous for ignoring the plain text of Act 746 which makes open carry of guns legal so long as they are not intended to be used for an illegal purpose. In that sense the act only affirms what the Constitution of this state says about the matter. But the Chief  has taken to arresting people for "Open Carry" anyway, and he has a local Prosecutor and Judge that are so far backing him up.

I think the answer is elections- vote out the Prosecutor and Judge. Get a new Mayor who will hire a new Chief. Unfortunately the frustration that occurs when government officials flout the rule of law has boiled over in this case to arson. The Chief's personal vehicle was burned up and someone painted "2nd Amendment" on the side.  I personally think the 2nd applies to FEDGOV and the Arkansas Constitution is what should reign in the states, but regardless the law is very clear but local officials in Bald Knob are operating outside the law. Now people who are angry about that are operating outside the law.

This is a very dangerous situation precipitated by government officials disregarding the Rule of Law. I call for both sides in this situation to de-escalate and begin operating inside the law.


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