Friday, September 18, 2015

First With Four Legs Underneath Does Not Fit Evolution Expectations

The discovery of Bunostegos akokanensis has generated a surprise finding- the "pre-dinosaur" walked with four legs underneath its torso, like dinosaurs and modern mammals. Reptiles, amphibians, and the various animals of the Permian period before this creature all  have their legs splayed to the side of their torso. That was considered to be the "ancestral state" for leg anatomy. Since this cow-sized animals is estimated to have lived at least 260 million years ago, evolutionary scientists were surprised to see that this animal possessed a leg and hip configuration in an "advanced" state. 

I once complained to an evolutionist that his theory was impossible to falsify, since it concerns events of the distant past and whenever new evidence comes along they merely change stories about the way it happened, and never question the premise that it happened via evolution and not Intelligent Design. I asked them what sort of evidence would disprove the macro-evolutionary hypothesis. They replied that finding a mouse in a layer of rock from before there were supposed to be mice would do it. 

I doubt that is true. We may not have found a mouse fossil in pre-Triassic rock layers, but we have found a cow-sized animal with the advanced limb positioning of a mouse or a cow, which should not be there so early. Even though we have found this, and even though the Intelligent Design explanation better fits this evidence (since there would be no prohibition on "advanced" features showing up in "primitive" forms) I predict that they will still maintain "evolution did it." And this is not the only case of features scientists considered "advanced" showing up too early in the fossil record. 


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