Saturday, October 03, 2015

Obama Uses Deception To Exploit Tragedy

So the Resident thinks the way to prevent another tragedy like the one that just occurred in a place where the public was banned from having guns is to turn the whole country into a place where the public is banned from having guns.

Meanwhile, government gets to keep theirs, after which they can treat us any way they wish without consequences. I believe the latter must be the real point. The logic of the stated reason for banning guns makes no sense whatsoever. What I suspect is the real reason for banning guns makes perfect sense from the perspective of a parasitical class of ruling elites who are nervous about how an armed America will react once we discover how thoroughly we have been looted.

Christian were singled out by the shooter in this most recent tragedy. If it had been a "Christian" targeting non-believers I assure you that this angle of the story would have been played up. The template would have been that we have to do something about all of these Christian haters. Since it was a secular person hating Christians, the media never even mentions that its hate. The phrase "hate crime" is not used when Christians are the target, only when groups favored by the establishment are the target. When Christians are the target the issue for the media is not the need to deescalate the rising anger against them, but rather they use the occasion to call for a government monopoly on the tool of force used by the perpetrator.

When someone attacks a government official, even if they are not politically motivated but just an insane person under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs, the media broadcasts the message that we should "tone down the rhetoric" . See the problem in that situation is there is just too much free speech. For government, and its media, the problem always seems to be that us peasants have too much freedom. Freedom to criticize them, freedom to bear arms capable of protecting ourselves from them, and so on. And their media- because the global corporations who own the mass-media in America are owned by the same folks who own the politicians, supports this narrative relentlessly.

While we are on that subject, did I just miss it or did Big Media refuse to even tell people that the Pope met with Kim Davis until the Pope released a statement saying his visit was not an unqualified show of support for Davis, and that he also met with an openly homosexual former student and his "partner"? Once the story was not "Pope supports Davis" the media went into overdrive pushing THOSE stories. It is weird. They would not put out the original story out but they put the refutations of the original story out.

The bottom line is that the big corporate media is a cultural pathogen. It is a catalyst to make our culture sick with their unwillingness to tell the truth. And they are in league with the politicians that they propped up.


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