Thursday, December 03, 2015

NSA Data Collection Has Not Stopped

Since the mis-named "USA Freedom Act" was passed some are going around claiming that FEDGOV is no longer doing bulk collection of the electronic communications of American citizens. Those collections were done in violation of the 4th amendment because they did not have a real warrant (FISA courts are housed within the executive branch and thus it is like the executive branch giving itself permission to snoop not an independent evaluation of a request to review). Real warrants also have to have a description of the specific thing being searched for and state a reasonable cause for the search. Those fake FISA warrants were just fishing expeditions.

FEDGOV is such a fraud I knew that they would never willingly relinquish such power regardless of its illegality. Recently I discovered the "catch". The "USA Freedom Act" only stopped one specific way of collecting the data, and the NSA was already moving onto other ways anyhow. The mass-spying was not stopped, it will continue by other means. The data will flow, but the providers will store it now on behalf of the NSA rather than immediately turn it over to the NSA. It would be like you had a GOOGLE Search on anybody's private phone call logs or emails but you did not make GOOGLE send you all of the raw data, but only the data from your search results. So the snooping does not end, only the details of how the data is collected change.


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