Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bizarre Happenings in District 90 State Rep. Republican Primary

Published on Jan 29, 2016
This audio has been edited. We've all been been in situations where we wonder if our present circumstances might look like stalking. It's a completely normal question I'm sure most people ask themselves every single day. In this situation State Rep. Jana Della Rosa's mother, Patsy Wootten (Conservative Arkansas Executive Director), thought she heard a Rogers police officer tell her to follow Randy Alexander. Based on the audio from the Rogers Police Department that does not appear to be correct. What's more obvious is Patsy Wootten does not like Randy Alexander personally. "Cuz he is a jerk frankly."

Full unedited audio here

Randy Alexander, the candidate being followed and seen in the image above putting out signs, made this statement about the matter on his FB page...

"Yesterday was an interesting day on the campaign trail: it seems I’ve picked up a stalker! As my son and I put out campaign signs a car followed us from place to place. I recognized the driver was my opponent’s mother. Isn’t she the Executive Director of Conservative Arkansas? Maybe if I had responded to their survey Conservative Arkansas would have endorsed me! What do you think?"

Della Rosa, Alexander. and Jayna Starr are competing in the March 1st Republican primary.


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