Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Arkansas Government Set to Score on Obamacare Fraud

To test the fraud-checking capacity of Obamacare, 15 fictitious persons were signed up for Obamacare. The  fraud-checkers gave data for these "persons" that they knew would disqualify them from the coverage. Despite that, all fifteen were initially granted coverage. Three were later dis-enrolled when the bad data given prevented the system from paying their claims, and a dozen were kept on. Interestingly, the "fraud protection" features of Obamacare do not seem to include checking to see if a person who tries to enroll in Obamacare is already enrolled in Obamacare.

This gave me an idea on how Arkansas can defraud federal taxpayers for an even larger amount of dollars than the "Arkansas Works" scam is already bringing in. You may recall that under the Arkansas program our insurance providers get a certain amount in "premium" dollars from the Feds for every person enrolled. We even get money for those who may be dead or live in another state or who for any number of reasons will never make a claim.

So that is "free" money right there. Pure profit where the insurance companies are collecting premiums, but for which there are never any claims. Since Arkansas was forced to cull some of this fraud out, insurers in the state have had to ask for higher rates. Without the fraud-dollars to prop up the program, they are gonna need more money from the real people who are using it!

Anyway, since Obamacare has no safeguards in place for the same person enrolling in more than one state, I figure our "respectable" leaders who gave us this sterling program and implemented it, whether we wanted it or not, will be seeing dollar signs again. They can supplement this proscam by encouraging every American to enroll in "Arkansas Works", no matter where they live or even if they are already enrolled in Obamacare in some other state. I am actually quite certain that situation is occurring right now and that we can find people on our rolls who are also on the rolls of other states. So why stop half-way?

While some of our state leaders feign shock and concern that the number of people on this program has swelled to over 300,000 (10% of the population), the truth right now is that the more people that  are enrolled the more dollars the federal government extracts from the next generation of taxpayers and sends to the special interests in Arkansas. They are not really concerned that we are scamming the next generation, they are concerned that the present one is going to figure it out once these numbers get absurdly huge. I mean, without safeguards in place, what is to prevent every single American from enrolling in "Arkansas Works" today? Even if they are already on Obamacare somewhere else, they can sign up here too. The bills can go to the Obamacare program in the states where they live, while the premiums will continue to roll in to Arkansas health care providers. As long as you have no morals or sense of propriety its a fantastic pro-scam.

Now, when the total number of persons enrolled in "Arkansas Works" finally exceeds the total number of Arkansas workers, nay even the population of the state itself, folks might start to get a little suspicious. When there are four million people on "Arkansas Works" and only three million in Arkansas it might get a little, well, awkward. Fortunately we have the right ruling class to deal with the fallout. They have been shameless and deceptive about the state's participation in Obamacare from the start, and so there is no reason to believe that they won't be able to continue to brazenly ignore the truth about it going forward. So, on to three million!


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