Monday, September 05, 2016

Atheists Give Hillary an "A" but Trump an "F" on Issues

Following is my letter to the editor printed in the Jonesboro Sun, Wednesday September 5, 2016.
Letter to the Editor:
My letter to editor in the Sun on Bernie Sanders and socialism reminded me of two other articles I've read since writing it.

In one of the articles the author talks about how socialism is beneficial, at least to those elitists who cry out for equality but go on to live lavishly while enslaving millions. For example, Bernie Sanders who prided himself as being one of the poorer members of the U.S. Senate, just bought his third house, which cost $600,000, and signed a book deal believed to be worth millions (Clinton received $10 million for hers).

All those young people who followed Bernie for his socialist ideology were left disillusioned when Bernie so willingly endorsed Hillary after months of condemning everything for which she stood. So much for the socialistic idealism Bernie shared with them on the campaign trail.

But isn't that the way all the socialist leaders live out their ideology? Castro rises up in Cuba and talks about all the poor people and equality and the next thing you know he is living in a palace for 50 years, and Lenin leads this revolution for the poor people with slogans like "Peace, land and bread" and lived in a palace the rest of his life, and private property disappeared. Instead of peace, his revolution brought a bloody four-year war at a cost of 15 million lives and billions of rubles and horrible starvation.

And Hillary goes around the country speaking out against "white privilege" when Hillary and Bill gave Chelsea a $3 million wedding and helped Chelsea and her husband buy a $9 million apartment.

The other article that I refer to is, "Atheists give Hillary Clinton an 'A' on the issues; Donald Trump receives an 'F.'" You haven't seen that poll in the news, have you? Millennials probably don't even know that socialists are often atheists. Socialists hide that fact as much as they can. The executive director of the Secular Coalition pointed to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails in which Hillary and the DNC were plotting to "exploit the perceived atheism" of Hillary's rival, Bernie Sanders. Bernie spent his honeymoon in Russia in 1988, an atheist, communist country.

A Pew Research Center poll in July found nonreligious voters prefer Clinton to Trump by a 67 to 23 percent margin.

Either Hillary or Trump (both multi-millionaires) will be our next president. So consider carefully who supports your religious views.

Debbie Pelley Jonesboro


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