Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ranking the Legislators 2017

Conduit for Commerce has come out with their rankings for all legislators from the 2017 session. It is very comprehensive and I noticed that a lot of the names high on their list were names that were also high on our list of top legislators from the 2015 session. They don't explain it in their article but I think that the names that are underlined and have an asterisk were those who voted against the Governor when they needed to on a couple of big bills. I.E. those are the ones who will stand up for fiscal responsibility even when its not cool and the price could be high (the Governor finding them a primary opponent for example).

For the past several sessions I have gotten with four other activists and we had our own vote on who the best and worst legislators were. This list looks good enough that I don't feel the need to do that this time around.  I endorse their list, even if I don't agree with every bill they scored and how they scored it.

What do the numbers tell us? That there are six really good State Senators in the Arkansas Legislature and after that there is a really big drop-off in quality. It also tells us what kind of score Asa Hutchinson would get if he were a state senator- that score is "-19". We know that because that is the score that Jim Hendren got and he is the Governor's nephew and point man and votes with him pretty much right down the line.

The House has 100 members instead of the 35 the Senate has, so you would expect to find more good ones, and there are but not that many more. (NOTE: I don't agree that Sullivan was the #1 member of the house.)  Ten of them are really solid, like the top six senators, but after that there is a more gradual tapering of quality. The top ten is really strong and the next 15-20 are pretty good too. In the Senate once you get past the top six, things go downhill fast. It is like by then they have decided what they are and they go there. In the house they are still a work in progress and could go either way. I am not even going to link the house rating. Check the article out to see it yourself.


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