Saturday, December 09, 2017

Arkansas Income Declines, Despite More Degrees

Here is an article reporting on survey results which confirm what I have been saying for years. Median household income in this state has actually declined over the last four years, while median income nation-wide has been going up! Our state government is doing prosperity wrong! They think government can "create jobs" by someone in Little Rock picking who the "winner" will be.

Gathering up a bunch of money from all the rest of us non-winners, and giving it to the government-designated winner does not on net, create jobs. It creates an environment where businesses don't want to invest in Arkansas unless they get paid to. Our focus should be on fairness and impartiality. People should know that if they sink a bunch of investment dollars in this state that we won't turn around and lay a targeted tax on them unless they kiss the ring of a bunch of state politicians. Right now they don't know that.

The other finding was that bachelors degrees were way up! All those people who kept telling each other that education was the key to economic prosperity had it wrong. Our higher-ed sector is too large compared to our need for its products. We are either misallocating resources or benefiting other states when our graduates had to go there to get jobs. The numbers demonstrate the mis-placed priorities and flawed mind-set of our state establishment.


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