Friday, June 08, 2018

Establishment Media Sins of Omission

I think "Talk Business" is part of the establishment media in this state. Most of the print media is. A few TV stations have some real journalists in their employ. What the establishment media tells you is bad enough but what they fail to disclose is sometimes the real issue.

For example, so owned by Wal-Mart is our state government that we extended I-49 to a couple of miles from the Missouri line, though Missouri no longer had the money to pay to connect it to their end. So Arkansas and Missouri applied for a joint federal grant and Arkansas was going to give their share of the money to Missouri in order to build a highway in Missouri! Wal-Mart must have wanted that connect really bad to induce our politicians to do something that much against the interests of the average Arkansan.

Don't worry though, our politicians knew that they could count on the establishment media of this state to never make that clear. Sure enough, the report on the grant application being turned down did not discuss this absurdity!

Moore's Media Maxim- the establishment media does not exist to inform the public. The establishment media exists to protect the establishment.


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